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Temporomandibular Joint Disorders and
Treatment | Scottsdale

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) cause pain in the jaw joint and the associated muscles of jaw movement. Because of this TMD can have a serious effect on quality of life.

We offer services for treatment of TMJ disorders. These vary and include simple self-care techniques, treatment with splint therapy, and occlusal rehabilitation.

If you are experiencing chronic TM joint pain, schedule today to begin treatment and regain control of your life.

What is TMJ?
What are temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD)?
How do I know if I have TMD? What are the symptoms?
I have clicking of my TMJ when I open. Is that normal?
What is the cause of TMD?
What are my options for treatment?
I am using an occlusal splint, and it has made my symptoms better. What is the next step?
What is needed to make my oral appliance?